CAVO: Find Your Buried Treasure with the Right Technology

Posted by Advent Health Partners on Jun 21, 2017 7:58:44 AM

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Data is arguably your most important asset. Google set the standard and thousands of companies are focused on understanding the world through data. With the coming renaissance in machine learning, your data is even more valuable because it will be possible to track trends and draw conclusions from both discrete and non-discrete data.

If you are in the healthcare industry, you have many choices for storing your scanned pages of information, but in most cases, it’s not possible to search the contents of those scanned pages. This places your team at a severe disadvantage when attempting to analyse the outcome of a particular encounter. Most organizations we talk to are, in many cases, reading every page of a medical record in order to make determinations. Often times, users have to log in to multiple systems and download records to their desktop. This is time consuming work performed by experts (with expert grade salaries).

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By replicating all of your documents to CAVO across your document repositories, you gain access to search, annotations, note-taking and letter writing. CAVO is faster than anything you’ve used in the past, guaranteed. Additionally, CAVO has a fully developed API meaning your organization can programmatically interact with the our RESTful JSON service to integrate with your enterprise.

Within the first week of using CAVO, most organizations see a 3-5x productivity gain for those team members who rely on reading through medical records.

  • One place for all documents
  • Instant Lucene search
  • Highlight areas of a document with accompanying notes
  • Assemble evidence

CAVO marks the spot.

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