Can Healthcare Search Capabilities Change Claim Reviews?

Posted by Advent Health Partners on Apr 5, 2017 10:20:26 AM

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As technology grows and changes, so does much of the healthcare field. First and foremost, treatments are becoming more advanced. What patients see aren't the only aspects of healthcare that have changed throughout the years. Everything that goes on behind the scenes has evolved due to technology as well.

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1. Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, healthcare search capabilities are altering the claims review process tremendously. Think about how quickly you search the web to find out how to get that grease stain out of your clothing or where to find the best restaurants in your area. Now imagine utilizing the speed of looking up information for your personal life for the claims review process. Being able to access all the information necessary quickly speeds up the traditional process. Getting more done in a shorter amount of time leaves room for advancing the facility in other ways and increasing revenue.

2. Patient Satisfaction

The patient experience doesn't solely rely on the what happens in the hospital bed or on the examining table. The billing aspect is oftentimes overlooked when it comes to the judging how a hospital or other facility measures up with the competition. When patients have a good experience with billing, they tend not to say much. However, when they have a poor experience, they're more than likely going to tell friends, family and even co-workers about the negative experience. That's why it's so important to keep patients satisfied even after they leave the office. Using healthcare search capabilities speeds up the claim review process, which allows patients to receive their bill quicker and have the payment made in a timely fashion.

3. Increased Revenue

Speeding up the claims review process will allow more time to complete more claims, ultimately amplifying profit. Keep in mind, the sooner a payer receives a clean bill with appropriate documentation the sooner payment can be made. Additionally, the time when the bill is sent out matters. People are more likely to pay a bill when they receive it sooner rather than later. That's where healthcare search capabilities come into play. The process becomes more rapid, allowing for bills to be sent out and received in a timeframe ideal for receiving payment.

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4. Improved Accuracy

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, sometimes they're made during the claim filing process or the claim review process. This leads to upset patients in some cases. It also leads to frustration amongst the individuals on the other end who handle the errors. However, healthcare search capabilities change how long the process takes and can even improve accuracy, making your facility more reliable. Ultimately, this has the potential to alter your reputation amongst the community.

5. Keeping Up with the Competition

Nowadays, everyone is out to have the latest technology, in the real world and in the healthcare field. It just seems like the latest and greatest is always better than what's currently out there. Your competition is already utilizing claims review measures that improve the experience regarding every aspect of the process. While it doesn't seem like much to miss out on, patients see what you do and how it's done. They want a company that keeps up with the competition. They want to know you're taking that extra step to improve their experience.

Search results change the way you manage your facility in many ways. You use organic search results to enhance the rank of your website to attract more patients. Now, you can also use a similar search technology to improve the claims review process of your facility.

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