How to Improve Your Appeal Letters - Expert Advice

Winning Appeals Means More Revenue. Are You Missing Out?

If your claim was wrongfully denied, the difference between revenue collected and lost is proof.

Don't let easily avoidable mistakes hold your organization back.

We've gone to our in-house clinical experts, who help providers like  collect more of the revenue they deserve, to get their advice and best practices on how to write a letter that improves your bottom line.

In fact, we use this letter internally for our own training purposes, to show our team what NOT to do during the appeals process and how to formulate an appeal that's more likely to get paid out.

Just fill out the form and enjoy! It's free advice that's worth so much more.

How We Help Providers

Advent helps providers with their medical necessity challenges. From pre-bill to post denial, our clients leverage Advent’s clinical expertise to most effectively combat and prevent wrongfully denied clinical claims. When and if the timing is right, we give our clients the opportunity to leverage the same top-of-its-class CAVO technology we use daily to realize the productivity gains themselves.